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AppPlaSys - Contribute

Find bugs and report them
Everybody can help by installing and using AppPlaSys and reporting bugs and errors once they appear. Please contact me via eMail - best with error describtion or screenshot.

It is relatively easy to translate AppPlaSys. In the main folder of AppPlaSys there is a subfolder "locales". In that folder a default language file for the english language named locale[default_en] can be found.
If you speak another language, you can open that file and replace the texts right of the equal signs. Afterwards save the file with a new name in the form locale[xy], where xy stands for the two letter code of the corresponding language. Afterwards send the file to me via eMail.
I'd be greatful for every translation...

Writing Code
At this time AppPlaSys is a one man prject. Help is always appreciated. Code is written in Python and GTK is used as graphical toolkit.
It is possible to find modular, relatively independent programming tasks. For example there is still a graphical configuration tool missing. This tool would just edit the configuration files without communicating directly with the AppPlaSys application. So this task would be almost absolutely independent from the main application. There's already a Python module available to edit the AppPlaSys ini/conf format correctly - see the independent Python module .

All Contributers will be listed here as well as in the AppPlaSys main application. AppPlaSys is opensource and free to use...

If you're interested please drop me a line.
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